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Prtimes    29-Jun-2023
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Do you remember your last Public Relations activity? What was it? When was it? Where was it? How was it?…..Do you know what the Media participated in? What was the communications? Which was the targeted community? What & where were the responses gathered?
Welcome to PR Times, where we're all about the power of Public Relations to shape communications! Our recent event was a hit, packed with media and buzzing with excitement. Top-tier print and electronic media outlets joined us, capturing every moment as we connected with our community. Our messages resonated, building trust and credibility with our stakeholders. The response was amazing! Testimonials poured in, and we even took to digital media to amplify our message.
We're mass comm. professionals passionate about the power of Public Relations to empower you and your brand with the charismatic 7C’s : Concept, Content, Creativity Communication, Consistency, Credibility & Community that break through the noise and produce fruitful outcomes.
We're committed to authentic communication, ensuring honesty and transparency in everything we do. We are keen to empower your Public Relations……
……………are you ready for this exciting journey?