Yeh ‘AI’ kya hai bhai ?

Prtimes    22-Mar-2024
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The mobile era is soon to pass by, as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gunning down all the intellectual heads out there. It’s actually been postered as a threat to mankind by experts & researchers. Some countries have also banned the use of recent AI tools. The recent AI Bots have challenged the human capacity to compose thoughts & conceptualisation. The mainstream or pure content-driven entities are definitely going to shape up according to these developments in the nearer future.
There will be no need for thought, drafting, conceptualizing, or articulating to generate content via human effort, as it's gonna get produced with AI in a few seconds in a standard & customized format. This may look comforting from the top but soon its vicious cycle will consume all the existing & sprouting creativity & thoughts of the human brain.
The origin of creativity is nature itself. The human brain is channelled with natural intuitions, the process of creativity & emotions. This combo simply makes a piece of content appealing, tailored with efficiency, relatability & most importantly human touch. The content which is produced by this method has its own flavour altogether. High chance of missing this in the bot-generated content. But they say, ‘AI’ is the future whole of humanity has to deal with. It’s quite inevitable & we can’t help it.
‘AI’ is already knocking on our doors with a readymade dose of content.