Meri Awaaj hi Pehchaan hai…!

Prtimes    27-Mar-2024
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The invention of the radio has been phenomenal for mankind. This audio platform has intrigued & engaged people across the globe. It has been a deep asset in terms of information, news, and entertainment.
If we talk about India in particular, since its establishment All India Radio (AIR) aimed to educate and entertain the masses. The programming primarily consisted of classical music, folk music, and news bulletins. In those days, radio served as a unifying force, connecting people across regions and languages. Then after a decade or so Vividh Bharati, a popular radio channel, was launched to cater to a broader audience. It introduced a range of new programs, including film music, radio dramas, quiz shows, and talk shows, offering a delightful blend of entertainment. Vividh Bharati's success paved the way for diverse programming in the Indian radio landscape.
At the beginning of the 90’s the wave of liberalization in the Indian economy brought a significant change in the radio industry. Private FM channels were granted licenses, resulting in a remarkable expansion of content options. These channels introduced a refreshing variety, including Bollywood music, pop music, regional music, celebrity interviews, talk shows, and interactive programs.
In recent years, the advent of digital streaming platforms and the rise of podcasts have further widened the range of content available on Indian radio. Many FM channels now offer live streaming on their websites and mobile apps, ensuring that listeners can access their favourite shows anytime, anywhere. Podcasts have gained popularity, covering a vast array of topics, including storytelling, true crime, comedy, self-help, and more.
From its humble beginnings to the digital era, the variety of content on Indian radio has undergone a remarkable transformation. Radio continues to captivate and connect millions of listeners.
It says, Meri Awaaj hi Pehchaan hai… sss!